Viral Video Asks, “What Are We Doing to White People?”

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A viral video has lit up TikTok and YouTube recently, netting the original poster Charlie Cheon over 4 million views and counting. Cheon, an Asian man, poses the question, “What Are We Doing to White People?”

In the video, he discusses the blatant racism being proudly directed toward white people, a topic I recently addressed myself in this article. I received some comments telling me that I was racist just for suggesting that racism was being directed toward white people and that such a thing wasn’t possible. I was attacked for “whining” and for “being a Karen.” For the record, calling someone a “Karen” is a racial and sexist slur. It just means if you are white and a woman, you should sit down, shut up, and take it, no matter what.

But I digress.

You can watch the video right here. It’s only 16 minutes and it’s very worthwhile.

We’ve all seen this.

Over the past years, it’s become more and more acceptable to denigrate people for the color of their skin, at least if that color is white. It’s become okay to write them off, to wish violence on them, to shame them, and to call them slurs like “Q-tip” or “mayo monsters.” Imagine if this was done to any other race. I’m going to be denounced again for defending white people and I guess, do what you’ve got to do to justify your behavior to yourself.

But what’s worse is that this attitude is infecting the way our children are treated. It’s affecting their education and their opportunities. We’re watching segregation in action just 69 years after Brown vs. the Board of Education ended that horrible practice. There are many spaces in educational institutions where white students are not allowed to be. There are events that white students are not allowed to attend. A black student at UVA unleashed her fury on the fact that there were “too many” white students in the multi-cultural center. Cornell University has a rock-climbing class that is only open to minority students. An elementary school in Washington banned white students from a mentor program and a “safe space” club. Berkeley banned white students from using common areas in off-campus housing.

Why are we replaying some of the worst parts of America’s recent history and just targeting another group?

It’s not okay, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But outlets like TikTok and Buzzfeed seem to be obsessed with promoting the theory that you “can’t oppress the oppressor” and that there’s no such thing as racism against white people. They make it seem like every person of the younger generation feels this way. They make it seem like every person of color feels this way.

But it’s simply not true.

Responses to “What Are We Doing to White People?”

I’ve selected some responses to Cheon’s original video.

Jamel AKA Jamal has a channel that is usually dedicated to fun reaction videos, but he took a serious turn with this one. He seems like a stand-up guy.

The gentleman at DependTV (sorry, I’m not sure of his name, but I love his motto of “facts over feelings”) was likewise appalled by what has been acceptable and calls it out for the bullying behavior that it is.

Lou Valentino, who describes himself as “a mixed-race man who grew up in the hood,” says that “Hatred toward anyone or any race is not ok” in this video.

The Cartier Brothers watched the video together and were visibly uncomfortable with the clips of folks denigrating white people.

I think the video that I got the most interesting information and response from was Amala Ekpunobi’s take below. If you aren’t subscribed to her channel, I really recommend it.

In summary, basically everyone thinks it’s wrong to do this.

The majority aren’t hateful.

In my opinion, these people are the ones who represent how most of us are feeling. Most people, regardless of skin color, don’t like to see others discriminated against or put down merely because of race. Most of us are not on board with racism, period. I have friends from many different backgrounds, one of the awesome perks of my job, and none of them, from any race, find this acceptable.

Remember this the next time you see one of those outrageous videos espousing hatred for white people. Show these videos above to the young folks in your life. Just because the media is trying to stir up animosity and make us hate each other, it doesn’t mean that we need to take the bait.

The answer to racism is not more racism. The answer is kindness, acceptance, and respect. Treat people like fellow humans. Not like black humans, or brown humans, or white humans.

At the end of the day, we are defined by our actions and, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, “the content of our character.” Terrible things have happened in American history, just like the history of every other country in the world. Don’t go back to darker times to get misplaced revenge on people who had nothing to do with what occurred before.

“How do you like it?” isn’t the answer.

We can’t move forward by looking back. Racism now doesn’t erase racism that took place previously. And yes, discriminating against people based on race, including white people, is racism.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about these videos and reactions? Have you seen examples of this modern racism in your community? How do you think we can move past the anger and have some unity?

Let’s discuss it

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