I’m Afraid You’re Next – Ask a Prepper

I’m Afraid You’re Next – Ask a Prepper
I’m Afraid You’re Next – Ask a Prepper

I want you to go visit a website called Cell Track. I want you to see what they do. Then I want you to go explore Google Maps Timeline. These two “services” hopefully open your eyes to the absolute dissolution of privacy that has occurred in our society.

Now ask yourself: If these two things are going on and it is all out in the open, what is going on behind closed doors? What does the FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA have access to in your life? If you guess everything, then you are probably right.

If your cellphone is getting a signal from the heavens above, your privacy is virtually gone.

We have seen countless people punished for their beliefs, social media posts, or other personal choices. The age of forgiveness is over. Many have felt the pain of this in their personal life and I’m afraid you’re next.

What Makes Up The Mass Surveillance State?

Have you ever really contemplated the full extent of the mass surveillance state under which you live? Probably not, right?

It really is quite frightening when you lay it all out and consider just how many slimy tentacles are digging around in your life at any given time.

Mass Surveillance Systems

In order to have a mass surveillance state it must be made up a variety of mass surveillance systems.

These systems all work together to keep an eye on “threats”, but it is actually a matter of spying on the general population and completely eliminating the idea of privacy.

Don’t worry, it’s all done in the name of safety!

Government Agencies

How many government agencies have we seen waltz right into “protected” domains where your most personal information lives?

We know for sure that the NSA, FBI, and DHS have all broken into people’s phones, listened to calls, and amassed loads of personal data, all without your permission.

In the name of safety, of course.

Data Collection And Storage

Since 2013 we have known about the NSA and its massive data centers where they collect and sift through American’s data.

It is easy to look at the NSA as the bad guy and your cellphone company as the one that is fighting to keep them out with advanced security.

Unfortunately, a mass surveillance state will also use private companies to meet their ends. That is exactly what our government is up to.

Monitoring And Tracking Technologies

Forbes published an article that should clue you into what the FBI is up to in our nation. The fact that these agencies are not at all concerned about us finding out should alarm you. (Source)

Of course, we live under the faith that these government agencies are under the watchful eye of FISA.

But we have seen many instances where the FBI has been recently used as a heavy hand in attacking political opponents.

This is the wrong direction to step in no matter which side of the political aisle you call home.

Communications Interception

The Freedom Act of 2015 was written up to put us at ease about the massive breach of privacy that Edward Snowden made us aware of in 2013. Never forget that this man is not even safe to come home to the United States.

This should give you an idea of just how important intercepting and storing massive amounts of metadata from Americans is to these large spy agencies.

Social Control Mechanisms

Up to 12 FBI agents infiltrated a group called the Wolverine Watchmen. Some FBI agents were even responsible for setting up meetings for the group to further the plot.

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There is no doubt that the 2 men that were sentenced had wound up at the wrong conclusion for how to deal their problems. Still, you cannot deny that a gang of FBI agents had to at least play a little role in coercion here.

Cyber Surveillance And Hacking

FBI hacked phones and NSA broke encryption codes. (Source) Some of the best hackers in the country get paid big salaries to work for the US GOV. That is a fact.

They don’t just get paid to hack into the phones and computers of top-ranking foreign officials.

It doesn’t matter what kind of security Apple develops. The iPhone 30 is gonna be hacked by the mass surveillance state. Android won’t do any better.

Laws And Regulations

None of the above will work if a surveillance state does not put the required laws and regulations in place to allow them to intrude so radically into the citizenry.

What we have found out recently is that it pays to have the laws on your side and be able to get around the laws that stand in your way.

A mass surveillance state depends on the illusion of privacy to gather sensitive information. If we all understood that our privacy was gone, we would not discuss sensitive information on our phones or computers.

How To Escape The Mass Surveillance System

Now that you understand the threat, how do we get around it? Is there any way to escape that level of surveillance in this modern age?

Well, I believe there are three things every American can do to at least temporarily get outside this mass surveillance system.

Get Off Grid

This could be a for a weekend or a for a lifetime. Obviously living off the grid without the internet and a smart phone will immediately give you back a lot of privacy.

Even just taking a trip without your phone can help eliminate some of the rampant tracking and data collection.

If you make the jump to living off grid, trade in your new car for an old one that does not have a GPS or computer built into it. This way your car cannot be tracked either.

Ghost Phones

There are people out there with ghost phones in their pockets. These are phones that are not running on the intrusive Android operating systems.

A ghost phone can be used to make phone calls, but you can quarantine apps in a certain area on your phone to assure they do not monitor, store, and sell all your personal information.

If you have an old phone that you no longer use, you could even use that to create your own ghost phone.


Modern technology has created some very effective blocking fabric, like this EMP Proof Cloth.

It uses EMP protective material which not only protects your electronics from an electromagnetic pulse, but it also creates a barrier between your device and things like:

How To Stop The Mass Surveillance State?

The only real way to stop the mass surveillance state is to remove their power by getting off grid.

As the grip of technology tightens around us many will opt out. I think the ranks of people that disconnect from cell service and internet service will continue to grow as the years go on.

You see, the only power that the mass surveillance state has is the power that we give them. Without electricity, phones, cameras, and other devices to collect information then they lose that control.

The question is: Are you prepared to live without this kind of technology?

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