Father Kills Pedophile & Family After Police Took NO ACTION to Protect his Kids

Our sick culture of allowing perverts to do whatever they want in the name of political correctness and Pride has backfired yet again. A devastating mass shooting in Kellogg, Idaho has left four people dead, leading to allegations of overlooked reports of indecent exposure, perversion, and pedophilia by local law enforcement and Kellogg High School staff.

Despite what the mainstream media is reporting as a mass-shooting with no known cause, multiple sources told the Idaho Tribune is reporting that one of the victims is 18-year-old Devin Smith, a recent graduate of Kellogg High School. These sources claim that Smith was caught masturbating in class and to underaged girls, and the resulting disciplinary action amounted to just one day of in-school suspension.

It appears things all came to a shocking end on Father’s Day, after Smith, who had been accused of this type of behavior for years, was allegedly caught masturbating while watching his underage neighbors, two young girls. Earlier in the week, police were called out after 18 year old Devin Smith was also caught masturbating and apparently did nothing.

“So we got new downstairs neighbors 2 weeks ago. They have two teenage boys, one just graduated and the other one does next year. We share a backyard, my kids stay on their side but they are out there a lot. They jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler. Almost every single time the older boy goes outside on his porch and seems to be watching them. I tried to brush it off since it’s their yard too but my momma gut couldn’t shake it. I was outside with Emery and Ellie coloring with chalk in our backyard tonight when Emery says mom the boy is in the window and she seems shocked. I say yes it’s their house, it’s fine and she goes no mom the boy, he’s shaking his penis! This dude was staring out the window directly at my girls and I and beating his d#$% off. I saw his naked body jump up on his bunk bed and scoot back. I make an effort to not look in their windows so the fact that he was standing right in front of it and my daughter saw everything is absolutely disgusting. Especially because she was on the opposite side of our climbing dome as far away in the yard as she could be on our side, not even close to his window. Why were you staring in their direction?! I immediately ran to get Major who went down to go bang on the window, he was gone so Major went to the front door and had to knock several times before he got an answer. I am freaking distraught. I’m already so uncomfortable living here and now this. I called the landlord to let him know in case they start trying to complain about us or if they want to try and start drama and get us kicked out so he knows why. I am livid. The police have been called! I don’t take stuff like this lightly, I just want to protect my children but people always act like you are being dramatic. This is the last thing I want to be dealing with in this market. Now my kids can’t play outside like they’ve been able to for years when there was just a sweet old lady living below us.”

According to Kaylie Kaylor, the mother of the two young girls, police yet again did nothing about the incident.

According to multiple sources, when the father found out that nothing was going to be done and that the pervert was continuing to abuse his daughters, he snapped, went next door and killed the pedophile and the pedophiles entire family.

According to a Facebook post by Sarah Lindsay, it appears that despite Kaylie’s call to the Police, no action was taken, and that Smith was again seen committing perverted acts while watching the Kaylor children.

When news broke, people flooded social media accusing the police and the school district to ignoring years of this type of behavior.

Concerns of Inadequate Response and Ties to PRIDE and sexual Deviancy:

The tragic incident is yet the latest example of law enforcement and school administrators failing to address and intervene in cases involving inappropriate conduct. Many are questioning why these reports of indecent exposure and potential pedophilic tendencies were seemingly disregarded, allowing the situation to escalate to such a tragic outcome.

In fact, some are pointing to school policies that have punished students for even speaking out about indecent sexual exposures inside the school system. Just weeks ago a Kellogg, Idaho student was banned from his high school graduation for saying “Guys are guys and girls are girls. There is no in-between.”

Apparently commenting on scientific facts about biology is enough to get you banned from graduation, but masturbating to girls in class seems to be just fine. The student claims that in a school of around 300 kids, 10% now identify as transgender.


They are targeting your kids and trying to brainwash them into these sick and twisted ideologies and this week we witnessed where it is heading!

While the media attempts to bury what really happened in Kellogg, Idaho, their very act of doing so highlights why this happened and why it will likely happen again. People are fed the hell up with their kids being targeted by a culture of perversion.

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