AI-Generated Content Floods Prepper Sites as Media Kills Off The Rest!

As someone who has maintained one of the last of the truly independently run survival sites, I have witnessed and wrote about a concerning trend unfolding over the past decade: the systematic suppression of alternative media. This has now infiltrated the survival community, resulting in the proliferation of AI-generated content and carefully curated propaganda on platforms that were once independent but have since been assimilated by the BORG (mainstream media conglomerates).

Our troubles began when a mainstream media giant attempted to acquire our company, they offered us big money to take over the site and pretend it was still an independent outlet – we told them in more colorful language to “fuck off”. Around that same time we were in talks to do a couple different Television shows, until we were told that we would have to fake who we were with a fake backstory for the public, pretend to live in a cabin deep in the wilderness (none of it would actually be shot there is was just to build our fake persona) and basically compromise ourselves forever by living this fake life! Step out of line, BOOM they got you! We told them all again, to go fuck themselves!

In retaliation, another connected media organization shamelessly trademarked our name and unleashed a team of lawyers from the West Coast to silence us and attempt to shut us down. While we resisted their attacks, the remnants of our once-thriving site were then attacked on multiple other fronts. Sites like ours have been deliberately shadowbanned, deplatformed, and eradicated from major search engines, their places taken by corporate entities masquerading as “ordinary people.”

If you’ve wondered where OFFGRID SURVIVAL has been, or why you rarely see us in your feeds…

It’s All By Design, almost everything you now see is government/media controlled propaganda!

This week, the Daily Mail ran an article highlighting the flourishing luxury prepper industry, featuring an alleged prepping website as their go-to expert. The irony lies in the fact that the site they featured, much like many others today, is filled with stolen content from our site and other independent sources that have long since surrendered to the daily attacks. To add insult to injury, it is backed by Silicon Valley elites such as Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, a prominent pioneer in artificial intelligence, and one of the groups the media giants use to steal, spin content, and then pass it off as their own.

These fucking assholes don’t give two shits about you and me!

Their purpose is far from providing genuine guidance on survival; in fact, the information they disseminate contradicts their own actions. These are the very same individuals who orchestrated the global COVID deception and implemented business and economic killing shutdowns that have caused widespread economic turmoil. They know you are fucked, and they are prepping for a time when you realize it was they who caused it!

Isn’t is odd that a deepstate Obama administration adviser now runs the top google searched prepper site on the internet — all feed with stolen content from sites like mine? It’s almost as if they are all in this together and this is the plan we warned you about years ago when we told you they were suppressing search results, shadow banning real people, and replacing us with CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and AI BOTS pretending to be real people.

In the Daily Mail article, they highlight a number of so-called elite preppers. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit, Obama administration adviser-turned-prepper John Ramey who now runs a site called — a site filled with stolen and AI spun web content.

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS and they are spending billions of dollars to prepare for the coming chaos that they themselves planned!

These Elites are spending billions of dollars on doomsday yachts, underground bunkers and private islands where they believe they can escape the coming rage-fueled doomsday that they fear is coming — because they orchestrated the whole damn thing!

Article we suggest reading:

There is no doubt something is coming. From the World Health Organization and the Bill Gates pushing that the Next Pandemic will be ‘More Deadly’ than COVID to the Biden administration stockpiling $290 Million Worth of Drugs for Radiation Sickness to four-star U.S. Air Force General Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command, telling Air Force operational commanders that they should be preparing for war with China, these people are up to something!

Are you prepared to stay in communication and gather vital intel if the communication networks go down?

For more information on Emergency Communication, and gathering intel from the radio waves, check out these articles:


As it is, the internet is 90%+ controlled copy and pasted crap, designed to dumb down our populous, control every aspect of your life and give you the illusion of a free and open internet – all while a handful of mega-corporations run almost every website that shows up on Google and social media. Those “influencers” you follow… in most cases bought and paid for by the same companies!

The free and open internet is a sham! Look at this image, revealing the truth of what’s really happening. The so-called “free and open” internet is a facade, manipulated by a select few global corporations who want to control it all. They control what you see on social media and search results, tricking the public into believing the internet is made up of a diverse range of sources. But don’t be fooled! It’s all a grand illusion!

They are breeding a generation captivated by social media “influencers” who are themselves being controlled and manipulated by both visible handlers and unseen puppeteers.

They want you assimilated! They want Dumb, Compliant Obedient Drones!

They want complete control over your actions, speech, and thoughts. And what’s coming is worse than the movies they made to condition you into excepting it. Just look at how easily they locked us down and used phycological warfare tactics to break the American Public.

It’s Time to start taking this seriously!!

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